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President, Director of Events & Operations

Talin (Tall-een) Hartounian is an experienced corporate meeting and event planner with 15+ years experience in the event industry. She launched One Hart Events at the age of 25 in an effort to turn her passions and skillsets into a career and create event experiences that served a greater purpose. Her event resume features international medical, pharmaceutical, educational and technology conferences boasting upwards of 2500 attendees, the well-known TEDxSanDiego, and a number of city-wide fundraising events raising upwards of $100k.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society recently dubbed Talin the 2014 Woman of the Year for her efforts in raising more than $70,000 in 10 weeks through fundraising events, community-wide campaigns, and corporate sponsorships and she continues to stay involved with the organization in raising awareness and funding for vital life-saving research.

When she's not running around with a clipboard, her trusty planner, and a lengthy To-Do list, Talin is exploring the wonders of the world, running half marathons, convincing friends to go camping in the winter, and spending as much time with the elderly as possible because "they just know everything!"